Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today Was a Fairytale

Today I visited an old friend who is now a photographer. We decided to do an "artistic collaboration" where he'd photograph me in ways inspired by my own art. He described my art as "very edgy with a bit of melancholy, macabre, and fantasy." I'm sure it's obvious that we were going for a modern Red Riding Hood theme. This was also his first time doing this type of studio photography. Sadly enough, I was extremely self-conscious and camera-shy. I also had a bad case of the giggles. In the end, I absolutely LOVED the photographs! The last pic here is my favorite and it came from a happy accident. It was a very fun and interesting experience being a model/subject. I hope to do it again someday =)
Check out his facebook page to see the rest of the shoot GP Element

Sunday, July 4, 2010

You've Gotta Make You're Own Kind of Music...Sing You're Own Special Song

So I've always been a little bit jealous of how amazingly talented my boyfriend is at graphic design. I really love design. I do a lot of research and read all the books and magazines, but I've never had the guts to try it out myself, so when my friend asked me to make an ending illustration for his movie, I jumped at the chance! I know, I should really be concentrating on packing, but this was a great opportunity to prove to myself that I have the ability to do a little graphic design work.

I now know why fine art is for me. As fun and interesting as this was, I wasn't as passionate about it as I am with my "own" work. It's something about making another person's ideas and visions come to life that made me less enthusiastic. This was a really nice experience though, and another line to add to my resume. Here ya have it:

The first image is the original image, which then transitions into my piece. My piece will be the final scene in the documentary. The director wanted a comic book superhero-esque feel to it.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please Don't Leave Me...Without Saying Goodbye

So apparently I suck at packing. I get waaaaay too sentimental. I want to bring everything with me! Everyone says, "It's only gonna be 2 - 3 years." Dude, that's a long time, especially to be without my stuff! I wish I could bring my dvd collection, my comic books and graphic novels, my toys (damn you Toy Story 3!), my stuffed animals...most of all, Raider! We're going to scope out the neighborhood and see if it would be a good living environment for him. He might be better off staying here, and I want what's best for my baby.

Anyhoo...for the important news: we've set a date. July 26th is the day we plan to leave. We're gonna be scoping out the apartments and making our deposit. A week later will be August 1st (the day most apartments will be available). For those few days in between, we're hoping to stay with relatives, or at the very least, a cheapy motel. Then viola! We'll be all settled down. I just hope everything goes as smoothly as we want!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's a Brand New Day.

The wonderful world of blogging. I didn't think I'd ever seen you again. I need a place to vent my emotions and rant from my twisted mind...especially since everyone and my mother can see what I post on facebook. This will be my sanctuary. My no-holds-barred thoughts on what's going on in my life and how it affects my artwork.